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MOVE Academy in Singapore stands for what we represent as a family: a school of like-minded practitioners who love to explore the potential of the body and the mind. We welcome people from all walks of life eager to redefine and push these boundaries together, and more importantly, adopt values that will positively impact not only ourselves but our community.

Not only are practitioners trained to overcome obstacles using various techniques like rolling, jumping and climbing, they are also challenged to reinterpret their definition of what obstacles are through these movement and parkour classes. Most importantly, the physical practice is a tool for self-awareness and discovery of our own limits and potential. The Art of Movement training therefore is a refreshing new way to interact with the urban environment, and inadvertently a way of life.

We believe in a positive relationship with risk and fear, understanding that we can achieve growth when we learn how to mitigate risk and manage our fears through dedicated and deliberate practice. This process of mental and emotional training beyond the physical discipline is an important lifeskill that we can all apply to other parts of our lives.

We are the first academy in Asia to be approved by the Yamakasi, the original founders of Art Du Déplacement (later also known as parkour or freerunning) who started the discipline in Evry & Lisses (suburbs of Paris) in the 1990s. Our physical strength, conditioning, movement and parkour training is inspired by their philosophy, values and original coaching methods.


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Our Programs

Adults ADD

Adults ADD

Our Signature Class
  • Structured Curriculum
  • Convenient locations & multiple timings
  • Professional coaching team

$ 150/ Months

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Kids Program

Kids Program

From 6 to 12 year olds
  • Fun and engaging program
  • Safe learning environment
  • Focus on life skills

$ 130/ Months

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Featured Coaches

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  • Fagan has been at the part of the academy since its beginnings and is one of the pioneers of the Parkour community in Singapore.
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Shie Boon


  • With Art Du Deplacement, Shie Boon hopes to inspire others to find balance in life, enjoy movement and become stronger together.
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Coach / Director

  • Movement as a whole has always been Ben's weapon of choice to help others explore their environment beyond their daily routine.
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N. Idayu


  • For Ayu, Movement is more than just being agile and being fit. It is about perspective and the connection between the mind and the soul.

MOVE Academy is the only academy in Singapore that represents Art Du Deplacement and the original Yamakasi Founders.

We are part of the ADD Academy By Yamakasi alliance.

YAMAKASI in Singapore ADD Academy France


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Art Du Deplacement

Art Du Deplacement (ADD) is, as the French name suggests, the art of movement. It was created in the Paris suburbs by Yamakasi founders Yann Hnautra, Chau Belle and Laurent Piemontesi, with the support of Williams Belle and Guylain N’Guba Boyeke. A movie was later released in 2001 and that contributed to popularising the practice worldwide.

Even though ADD is rooted in philosophy with a specific way of training, it is at the same time constantly evolving in ways that are initiated, inspired and influenced by the Yamakasi founders. As Williams Belle puts it: “The aim is to overcome our mental limitations and appreciate every single moment in life.”

The physical training is only the expression of this philosophy. The quest for physical strength eventually leads to self-discovery and mental resilience.

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