At MOVE Academy, our mission is to make movement accessible to all, regardless of age, gender and fitness level. Our multi-level classes are designed so everybody can move and enjoy at their own pace, be it getting familiar with basic techniques and conditioning exercises that strengthen their body, or mastering more complex and challenging skills and movement techniques.

Our professional coaches bring to class years of practice in various movement backgrounds including dance, martial arts, fitness and yoga, ensuring that our classes are unique and our curriculum well-rounded.

Sessions are held both indoors and outdoors, and cover all aspects and concepts of movement including jumping, vaulting, balancing, climbing and rolling.

In order to cover the full scope of movements, Kids gym classes follow a specific curriculum that brings together individual elements in a progressive way to build the physical, technical and mental abilities of students.

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Build – Get started with a strong base
Strengthen – Build your body armor
Apply – Move from A to B in the most efficient way
Explore – Discover yourself
Expand – Widen your movement vocabulary


Children’s confidence and discipline are what will bring them a long way in life. 
Our MOVE KIDS! class is a life-skills programme designed to nurture and positively impact a young practitioner’s development and well-being. At MOVE Academy, we believe in building up a child’s confidence and discipline through movement drills, resulting in greater self-awareness, respect for oneself and others, and the tenacity to work hard to achieve personal goals. 
Beyond offering a safe environment for children to learn movement techniques like jumping, rolling, climbing and vaulting, our classes also aim to impart the life skills detailed below.


Our family class is designed to allow parents to train with their children, using movement as a bonding activity to have fun and stay active together. Children are curious and natural explorers, and this class provides the opportunity for play and education in motion, all while having fun with their parents in a safe environment.
Based strongly on teamwork drills in which practitioners have to move together to help one another overcome obstacles, this family class is one of our most popular offerings and is like no other!


Energy control and coordination
We teach children a range of movements from simple motions to complex combinations, so as to develop and improve coordination. That said, power is nothing without control, so a significant component of this class involves teaching them how to channel their energy into focus and attention when required. This in turns improves a child’s positive energy levels.
Achievement and respect
Young practitioners will learn a new set of techniques at every level. As they progress, this cycle of establishing and achieving goals helps to create an appreciation for hard work and effort. Children would experience the concept of respect first hand when they are taught to show respect to both coaches and fellow practitioners, thereby creating a fun yet thoughtful learning environment. 
In their journey into adulthood, it is inevitable that children will face challenges and setbacks. We prepare them to meet challenges with an open mind by setting and establishing personal goals, and picking up skills that would boost and build confidence. Beyond overcoming physical obstacles, young practitioners will be taught to see mental obstacles as opportunities for growth!